Introducing Hunky Dory Foods - our first guest supplier

At the heart of our business is a love of locally produced food in the UK and in particular chocolate. As our fan base has grown thanks to you all, we have been approached by other small UK food producers who would like our help in selling their products. As you can imagine we are fiercely protective of you all and have very high standards before we would even consider introducing you to guest products.

The products must be produced locally in the UK, they must taste awesome, they must be natural and they must have similar values to us. The first of our guest products is Hunky Dory Foods.

We have a long term relationship with the guys from Hunky Dory as we have all been in the food sector for a very long time. Hunky Dory are medium-sized producer in Yorkshire who are passionate about proving that excellent snacking bars with great ingredients don’t cost the earth. Their range is already available in Home Bargains and now they want to spread the word about their great snacking range online with you all.

“We are delighted to be offering the Hunky Dory range. At the heart of our business is a love of food and great quality ingredients from the UK.  Their range complements this perfectly and offers our loyal customers great choice with most products being also suitable for Vegetarian and Vegans, as well as being Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free with half of the bars also being under 100 calories too.  Oh yes, did I mention they are delicious too, perfect for snacking and re-fuelling at any time.”

Gavin Bowie

Sales and Marketing Director

Their range includes B’good flapjacks which are only 99 calories and Onli Natural vegan fruit bars and nut bars.

Their bars are perfect for snacking on the go, whether you are out for a walk, a run a cycle or any activity or something to keep in the car for when you or the kids need to fight off hunger.

You can buy one off bars or packs to last a while. 

We hope you enjoy them - shop now

If you are a local food producer with great products using quality ingredients and would like to be part of our Guest Products Page then get in contact with our Sales and Marketing Director:  Gavin Bowie -