Launching our Plastic Free Collection

Back in 2018, we had an ambition to probably be the first chocolate company to be plastic-free. Eighteen months on we are well on the way to achieving this and to mark this we are now launching our Plastic Free Collection.

Our journey has taken us through a process of removing plastic from the bulk of our products.

Phase 1 was the removal of the plastic lid and base for the internal packaging of our Walnut Whirls and Tea Cakes. These were replaced with a food contact safe grade card insert and for the Walnut Whirls changing the plastic window patch to a biodegradable alternative. This phase saw Tea Cakes becoming entirely plastic-free.

Phase 2 is the entire removal of the window patch from our Walnut Whirls to have an entirely plastic-free packaged product and the replacement of the plastic tray from our selection boxes. We have now achieved this with our Selection Boxes and our new  Dark Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Whirls.  We are rolling out the plastic-free packaging across the entire range of Walnut Whirls as soon as we can whilst we exhaust old packaging. All new Walnut Whirl varieties will be launched as plastic-free. 

Phase 3 will involve reviewing all plastic bags that we use for products such as our Whirlpool Truffles and the movement to a recyclable alternative.

Our Plastic Free Collection is full of our best selling products and will be growing over the next few months. Currently, our plastic-free heroes are:

  • The Dark Chocolate and White Vanilla Truffle Whirls
  • The Vegan-Friendly Artisan Chocolate Truffle Collection 
  • The Milk Chocolate Tea Cake Twin Pack
  • The Dark Chocolate Tea Cake Twin Pack
  • Our limited edition EACH Chocolate Selection Box
  • Our limited edition EACH Vegan-Friendly Selection Box
  • Our Selection Box Range 112g, 225g, 315g, and 630g boxes

“The Plastic Free collection shows our clear commitment to making our products free from single-use plastics and where possible plastic-free. The journey continues to present a lot of challenges that we will continue to strive to overcome. It provides a real plastic-free option for the environmentally-conscious customers which we are very proud of. We look forward to making this collection bigger and bigger.”

Gavin Bowie, Sales and Marketing Director

The Plastic Free Collection is available now to buy online and will be steadily available through our retail outlets once the original packaging has been used up. 

To shop plastic-free, click HERE