Milk Chocolate Buttons & Dazzle Drops and Dark Mint Chocolate Discs (85g & 90g)


Milk Chocolate Buttons - a treat for the children - if they don’t mysteriously disappear first! Our own deliciously rich milk chocolate, to buy online in handy button form.

Milk Chocolate Dazzle Drops - take yourself back to your childhood....we all remember the noise these little beauties make when they were scooped up in the sweet shop! Now they're better. REAL chocolate... topped off with coloured spheres with all natural colours. Mmmmmm.

Dark Chocolate Mint Discs - Our Delicious Dark Chocolate, in button form infused with a hint of mint

Please select the variety you wish to purchase on line by clicking on the drop down arrow to reveal the range available, click on your choice and enter the quantity you require.

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