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NEW VEGAN FRIENDLY Dark Chocolate Truffle Whirlpools - (108g)


NEW VEGAN FRIENDLY Dark Chocolate Truffle Whirlpools 

One of three variants of our brand new creations, vegan friendly premium bite sized truffles enveloped in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder and also suitable for vegetarians. Made with a smooth, rich, dark chocolate containing 56% cocoa solids minimum providing a well rounded subtle chocolate taste without the bitterness of high cocoa content dark chocolate. The truffle is made using dark chocolate and then encased in dark chocolate before being lightly dusted in cocoa powder.

All packaging is widely recyclable and the bag is compostable and biodegradable.

Bite Sized Dark Chocolate Truffles - 108g (approx.14 to 17 bites per pack)

This product is Vegan Friendly and Suitable for Vegetarians.

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